Piotr Magnuszewski

Scientific Director

I have been working for many years as a systems modeler, professional trainer, facilitator, researcher, and game designer. I am particularly involved in linking theory and practice, science and policy, knowledge and action through diverse systems and knowledge management tools. I have been applying and teaching systems tools with diverse groups of scientists, NGOs, businesses, and administration in many countries.
I designed and applied many social simulations and role-playing games addressing the issues of sustainable development.

Interests: System Dynamics, Social Simulations, Resilience Theory, Participatory Modeling, Strategy and Policy Development, Game Design

This policy simulation offers an interactive and productive arrangement between scientific and extra-scientific actors

Cascading Climate Impacts - Policy Simulation

The Cascading Climate Impacts Policy Simulation encourages us to go beyond the linear process in which science is passed on to society after its production by offering a more interactive and productive arrangement between science and science users.

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