Pradeep Mahapatra

Secretay & Chief Executive

Am a Development Catalyst with 28 years of experience in managing human relationships, environmental and development initiatives especially on Community Resilience, exposed to local & regional NGOs, International NGOs like CARE-India, CYSD- Plan, shouldered responsibility in undertaking massive livelihoods-restoration from super-cycloe-1999 onwards.
am spearheading UDYAMA, ( ) as founder , undertaking citizen-action on DRR ,END-WATER-POVERTY-campaign, Deepening-Governance & Capitalizing-Mainstream resources-impact-towards livelihoods & Community-Disaster-Resilient-process &Climate Justice, human rights alongwith life-skill-building and demonstrating sustainable consumption and production with rejuvenating rich social & ecological capital ,
with steady resilient development walk,UDYAMA has accredited-organizations with UNECOSOC,UN-Global-Compact, GNDRR, UNCONGO, UNFCCC, UNEP- ( SCP)UN-Climate-Caucus ,GNDR, NGO-gateway, WASH-forum NAADRR,CDRN, SPHERE-India, WSSCCC, SusanA, stakeholders’ forum and Water-Climate-Coalition, ACCRN. UDYAMA has awarded as one of International-Award for Environment,+udyama&start=10&sa=N ,I am a team-player working in tough & challenging-conditions & managing-major conflicts are my strength , undertake Next-Development-Challenges .Some-time I undertake action-research and evaluations
As passion am working with community-directly to change-culture of self resilience and negotiations,file:///C:/Users/User/Downloads/Shri%20Pradeep%20Mohapatra%20%20Karmaveer%20Chakra%20Award.pdf
Professional Association
• Network Member of International-climate-variability & change ,
• Life-member of Indian Association of Soil and Water-Conservation, Deheradun, India.
• Life-Member of Orissa Environmental Society, Bhubaneswar.
• Life member in India Water Partnership ( GWP)
• Life Member of Indian Red Cross society
• Net work member, MANAGE, HYDERABAD, India
• Network member of RRA( Revitalizing Rainfed Agriculture)
• Network member of SRI India
• Network member of Stakeholder Forum
• Network Member of End Water Poverty
• Network Member of WSSCCC
• Network member of eradication of Hunger & Poverty
• Network member of Water Climate Coalition
• Network-Member, National-Institutes of Environment-Professionals
• Member Global Network Member of DRR
• Network Member of Urban Poverty , Migration & livelihoods
• Network Member ACCCRN
Network Member CIVICUS
Network Member ESP
• Roster Expert UNHABITAT
• Observer UNFCCC
• Roster-Expert CDKN
• Observer-UNCCD
• Network-member Orissa-Disaster Resilient Development-forum , , ;
• \ ,

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Transnational climate impacts

Climate change – and adaptation to it – will occur in a globalized, hyper-connected world. 
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