Prabhakar S.V.R.K.

Research Manager

Prabhakar works on mainstreaming climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction into development, adaptation metrics, adaptive policies, risk insurance, adaptation planning for addressing transboundary impacts of climate change, loss and damage, vulnerability assessments, and training needs assessment for capacity building. He led several research and development projects on climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction in South and Southeast Asian countries. He has been a Contributing Author to the Fifth and Sixth Assessment Reports of the IPCC Working Group II, Coordinating Lead Author for the UNEP Geo-6 report, and Lead Author for the HIMAP Report. Prabhakar obtained Ph.D. in Field Crop Management from Indian Agricultural Research Institute, India, and possesses more than 15 years of experience in participatory research and development with international and national research and development organizations including IGES, Kyoto University, UNDP, NIDM, CIMMYT-RWC, IARI, and ICRISAT.

Food Market in Morocco

COVID-19 and Climate Change: A New Paradigm in Mitigating Shared Risks

COVID-19 has showed that risks are increasingly globalized and compounding. This is true also for climate change risks. We need to learn from the current crisis to build back better.

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Businessmen in Japan

Globalization of local risks through international investments and businesses

This publication explores the globalization of local risks through international investments in Asia and present a climate fragility risk index to assess a country’s suitability for investing.

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Transboundary Impacts of Climate Change in Asia

This paper outlines prerequisites and needs for collective adaptation solutions to address the impacts of climate change on transboundary natural resources and other teleconnections.

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