Our vision

Our vision is to establish adaptation as a global public good to advance towards a resilient world where all people are secure and can prosper.


Our mission

Our mission is to encourage a global approach to adaptation. The Paris Agreement is clear: adapting to the adverse effects of climate change is a global challenge faced by all. But current adaptation too often fails to address this challenge. By raising the visibility of transboundary climate risks, gathering evidence and analysis and building connections between stakeholders, we seek to drive action to strengthen international cooperation.

Harnessing current momentum, the Adaptation without Borders initiative will seize key opportunities to raise the profile of transboundary climate risks as part of a broader drive to scale up global ambition and multilateral cooperation on adaptation on a par with mitigation.

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Transboundary Climate Risks

Transboundary Climate Risks

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The Adaptation Without Borders Initiative

Adaptation Without Borders

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Adaptation Without Borders brings together the research capacities and convening powers of a range of partners to explore the global implications of transboundary climate risks, create opportunities to strengthen international cooperation and pave the way towards genuine global resilience.


The Steering Committee

Steering Committee members oversee executive-level decision-making on the strategy and operations of the Initiative.


Partners contribute to Adaptation Without Borders by working to deliver concrete results and activities in line with the Initiative’s strategy. Partners can be institutions or individuals.


Champions are high-level individuals, respected leaders and experts in their field, who act as ambassadors for the Initiative in order to influence decision-making and effect change.



Become A Partner

We welcome expressions of interest from like-minded organisations and individuals keen to raise the profile of transboundary climate risks and strengthen international cooperation on adaptation. Please click the button below to describe your expertise, areas of interest and how you would like to contribute, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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