Research & Evidence

Research and Evidence

Policy-driven analysis on transboundary climate risk

Robust and relevant research and analysis on transboundary climate risk is key to driving policy change. The Adaptation Without Borders partnership creates and curates state-of-the-art knowledge on cascading climate risks – both conceptual and empirical – to deepen the evidence-base for policymakers and practitioners.

From the Partnership

Shifting cooperation in the Hindu Kush Himalaya

How does interdependence shape cooperation and resilience in the face of climate change? This communications piece will take you on a journey to the Hindu Kush Himalaya to illustrate the complexity of interdependencies in the region and the implications for the wider world.

Policy mechanisms of the African Union and the Regional Economic Communities to manage transboundary climate risks

Take a deep dive into dive into African Union (AU) policies and programmes and those of four regional economic communities (RECs) in this report by the Adaptation Without Borders partnership. Learn about the political economy of transboundary climate risks and their management within existing continental and REC climate, economic, trade, infrastructure and people-centred policies and programmes.

Other Articles of interest

Nordic perspectives on transboundary climate risk

Explore the cross-border risks faced by Nordic countries, the extent to which they are already recognised, and possible ways to respond to them in this report. The analysis draws on a literature review, an analysis of trade data, and interviews with stakeholders from national authorities, industry and research institutions.

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