Taking a Strategic View on Climate Change: Advancing Green Growth While Managing Transboundary Climate Risks

This event explores how green growth and managing cross-border and cascading climate risk can be combined into a more holistic strategic approach to jointly address climate change mitigation and adaptation.
Sea, settlements and grey mountains in Reine, Norway
Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash


Industries and governments have worked together in the Nordics to set ambitious climate targets and used them as a mechanism to boost innovation in clean solutions, thus serving as a stepstone for creating green exports. Nordic countries are widely considered front-runners on climate action but they have yet to effectively address the climate risks they are exposed to through trade.

Collaboration within the Nordics and with international trading partners in overcoming the challenges resulting from cross-border and cascading climate risk is another industrial strategy challenge, but how can these be combined into a more holistic strategic approach to jointly address climate change mitigation and adaptation?

This event will take place on Tuesday 15th November 13:45-14:45 local time (GMT+2) at the Nordic Pavilion on site at COP27.

Check out the full recording of this Nordic Pavilion event in the video above.


The event is organised by SEI and Finnish Confederation of Industries, and will feature the following speakers:

Keynote: Terhi Lehtonen, State Secretary, Ministry of the Environment, Finland


  • JannePeljo, Chief Policy Advisor at Confederation of Finnish Industries
  • Frida Lager, Research Associate at Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)

Panel discussion:

  • Mr. Per Anker-Nilssen, Senior Advisor at the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO)
  • Ms. Johanna Pirinen, SVP Head of Sustainability, Stora Enso
  • Ms. Emma Modéer Wiking, Global Head of International Sustainable Business at Business Sweden​

It will be moderated by Tuuli Kaskinen, CEO, Climate Leadership Coalition


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