COP23 Official Side Event: A Global Adaptation Goal and Borderless Climate Risks

Submitted by Alice Wojcik | published 19th Sep 2019 | last updated 6th Apr 2021
COP23 UN Climate Change Conference
Wednesday, 15 November, 2017 - 15:00


By Acclimatise

This side event explores how adaptation programmes can contribute to communities’ climate resilience, with particular focus on the provision of financial services. Panellists will share experiences and insights from initiatives in Asia, Africa and the Caribbean.

Many climate risks are “borderless”, meaning national adaptation is a global concern. But how do climate impacts cross national borders? Which countries are most exposed? Who should adapt and how? New research will be presented and a practitioner panel will discuss the road from Paris.

Organisers: Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), Frankfurt School of Finance and Management GmbH, Acclimatise (member of The Collider)

Moderators: Richard Klein (SEI), Åsa Persson (SEI)

Presenters: Magnus Benzie (SEI), Sara Venturini (Acclimatise), Oliver Schenker (Frankfurt School)

Panelists: Mizan Khan (Bangladesh delegation), John Firth (Acclimatise), Annett Moehner (UNFCCC Secretariat), Samah El-Bakri (Sudan delegation), Rebecca Nadin (ODI), Maria Banda (University of Toronto)

Find the event webpage here.