Climate Adaptation Services (CAS) specializes in combining information about climate change with innovative communication and visualization techniques including story maps, apps and websites. We develop easily accessible tools to help convey and explain often-complex climate-related issues. These not only show where, when and how our climate is changing, but also how severe these changes are and how we should prepare for them.

Expanding our scientific basis

CAS was set up as part of the Knowledge for Climate research programme (2008–2014) to continue the programme’s work and safeguard the expertise and experience acquired. We map the climate, its changes and its impact, in partnership with knowledge institutes and consultancy firms, and publish this information in our Climate Impact Atlas. We’ve also been developing and managing the Netherlands’ leading climate adaptation platform – The Knowledge Portal for Climate Adaptation – since 2014.

Presenting information in an appealing fashion

Our guiding principle is ‘keep it simple’. We focus on providing local civil servants, water experts, consultants and members of the public with the information they need. Moreover, we aim to make our products easily accessible and visually appealing so that this information is understandable for the widest possible audience.

Understanding and working with our users

We map the effects of climate change for many councils, water boards and provinces throughout the Netherlands, and even in several other regions around the world. Our end users also play a vital role in developing our products to ensure that our products match their expertise and requirements. This in turn helps them make their regions more resilient to climate change.

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