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Katy Harris

Katy Harris is a Senior Expert at SEI Headquarters with a focus on the global governance of climate change adaptation. ...
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Katy Harris Published in Article

A Roadmap for African Resilience

Explore proposed key actions towards realizing an ambition of the African Union Climate Change and Resilient Development Strategy and Action Plan (2022–2032) to “Enhance coordination between the Regional Economic Communities and Member States in addressing and managing transboundary and cascading climate risks” in this Adaptation Without Borders roadmap.
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Enhancing cooperation to address cascading climate risks in the Hindu Kush Himalaya

Learn about the rationale for strengthening regional resilience to cascading climate risks in the HKH through this AWB discussion brief. It explores what a regional cooperation mechanism could consider and advance in policy and practice, proposing a set of potential areas for collaboration to move the discussions from the realm of ambition to action.
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Dialogue on regional cooperation on adaptation to cascading climate risks in the Hindu Kush Himalaya: Implications, barriers and opportunities for India

Policy makers, stakeholders, experts and practitioners from across India will discuss the urgent need to build regional cooperation mechanism on adaptation to cascading climate risks and explore what a cooperation mechanism could and should deliver to regional member countries and beyond in practice. Learn more!

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